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We understand that everyone knows they should prepare, however it is often pushed to the back burner.  Let our staff help you to take the next step to being better PREPARED!  That is why we do what we do and we do it well.  When it comes to safety and preparedness planning, HT2 Consulting Services is the team to call on.


Kelly has been delivering effective educational and consultative services to individuals and organizations for her entire career. She earned her Masters Degree in Audiology from Western Washington University and began her career in hearing loss prevention. In 1997, Kelly experienced an on-the-job accident, wherein she was hit by a 500 lb. door,  Luckily, she walked away with only one scar to remind her of the incident.  Afterwards, safety became her top priority and she never looked back! Over the years, she added expertise on safety and health, disaster preparedness and business continuity to her arsenal of services, whilst working for the American Red Cross. 

Kelly is someone who truly walks the walk and is often referred to as the "Safety Queen" or "Disaster Geek" by friends and colleagues.  She is passionate about safety and preparedness, which is evidenced in HT2's process and in her educational seminars. She simply delivers dynamic presentations and motivates participants to act!

HT2 Consulting Services, LLC wants to be your partner in this process.  Think of us as an extended part of your family, neighborhood, school or organization.  We will help you identify your gaps and provide a streamlined process to find and implement solutions quickly.

Let HT2 bring your preparedness planning to the front burner.  We might just be the missing piece to your preparedness puzzle. Call or email us today!


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Our Mission

HT2's mission is to help the "whole community" identify and mitigate risk, resulting in safer places for you to live, learn and work for TODAY and TOMORROW.  

Helping you Prepare for Today and Tomorrow

"Your presentation at the April Electric League General Meeting was simply terrific! Thank you for being so informative, while also sharing your fun personality and humor. I've received many compliments and have you to thank."  -Brook Walker, Executive Director, Electric League of the Pacific Northwest

Established in 2005, Hear Today....Hear Tomorrow focused on hearing loss prevention and safety matters specifically within the construction industry. Some years later it morphed into HT2 Consulting Services, which stands for hear today...hear tomorrow and here today...here tomorrow.  We now offer a full spectrum of solutions-based services. Empowering people within our community to mitigate risk, promote safety and become more resilient to natural and day-to-day disasters. HT2 is dedicated to enabling clients to rest well knowing that they are better prepared to weather the next storm or interruption.

Helping you Prepare Today for Tomorrow