Helping Your Family Prepare For

Today and Tomorrow

Whether you are a family with little ones, pets or senior citizens you will benefit from HT2 Consulting.  Let us help you make your home safer.  Our services identify the potential risk and mitigation strategies to employ.  Whether it is preventing children from ingesting poisons, helping an older person prevent a fall or reducing injury to your family from seismic events, HT2 is here to help you make your home safer!

STEP 1:  Complimentary Exploratory Session

STEP 2:  Custom Home Evaluation

STEP 3:  Mitigation Planning Report and Consult

STEP 4:  Strategy Implementation

home based services

  • Childproofing
  • Earthquake Mitigation
  • Kit Procurement and Inventory
  • Senior Home Safety
  • Home Evacuation Planning and Drills
  • Reunification Planning
  • Crisis Communication Planning

consultative process

typical clients:

  • Families with Small Children
  • Homeowners & Renters Concerned with Earthquake Risk
  • People Wanting to "Age-in-Place"

Home & Family 

Helping you Prepare Today for Tomorrow